Scorpio (media bias) speculation. Help...

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Scorpio (media bias) speculation. Help... Empty Scorpio (media bias) speculation. Help...

Post by Manco on Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:30 am

Finding a lot of reports online all towing the same line - MS lies,power & spec downgrades etc. the usual disrespect for MS/Scorpio. My question is to the guys/gals out there vastly more knowledgeable than me.
I get the idea of Scorpio being a console (regardless of the year old white paper) that may change the way games will be developed going forward. By which I mean in current/recent gens games were built with the 'lowest common denominator' in mind whether porting or multiplats, for the ease of development (please correct if wrong).
With UWP, tiled resource & other tools for the developers plus the final true specs of Scorpio I see this being a time where they will instead be built to utilize the full potential of the Scorpio much like the PC. So all the Youtube guru's (who are usually all PC,PS4,XB1 & Nin owners) saying the Scorpio will be held back because of the XB1 would be wrong, because as with PC MS will have made it that the best version is built from the get-go to use Scorpios' power but when the same game is put in your XB1 it will automatically downscale knowing the lesser capable hardware is running it (as would happen on PC with one rigg being bigger/better than another playing the same exact game) so will adapt accordingly & so therefore Scorpio is never 'held back'.
This is also why the Scorpio exclusives excuse then falls flat because they're simply Xbox exclusives whether XB1,Scorpio or W10 scaled to whichever platform you game on. I know most sites & vids are click bait articles but I'm just an ordinary Joe who loves gaming & any comments are welcome especially from the more tech savvy.
Also if even partly correct how are so many people peddling this crap without any critical thinking/questioning?! Rant over

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Scorpio (media bias) speculation. Help... Empty Re: Scorpio (media bias) speculation. Help...

Post by PlayStation Inquisition on Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:04 am

If it's on Windows as well as xbox, it's a multiplatform game. That goes for PlayStation as well.

You people in the xbox community that keep trying to ignore that fact are making gamers in general look bad.
PlayStation Inquisition
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