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Post by Lucif Exire ♏️ on Sun Jun 19, 2016 2:10 am

When we are able to make XBL clubs make a BGST club. Then we don't have to run into random people that are flipfloppers, SJW, Feminist, Feminazis, and must of all (cough) Sony Ponys. Plus it would be easier then coming to the forum and trying to find some to play games with. Also since XBL clubs will have something on them like a forum, if u can add a link to the forum or even combined both of them please do. Lastly if u can't combine then make a new category on here or change the Xbox chat category to evolve around the XBL club.

P.S Please don't  this as me saying I hate the forum because I don't, it's just if I can be on my Xbox One and simply open up a club and find someone in a few minutes and all I have to to is click a on their profile to invite them. Also the main reason I made this post and one like this in the General category is because I come on here every day and it says I'm the only one signed in.
Lucif Exire ♏️
Lucif Exire ♏️

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Post by Yeezus on Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:04 am

this would be cool, Zaire admin too


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