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Mafia 3: A new Mafia Game Empty Mafia 3: A new Mafia Game

Post by PonyFangirl on Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:36 pm

Hey ponies and xbots, and random pc masta race fellas passing by.

So 2k has bringed us that new game, Mafia 3. And oh god what a disaster it is.

I've seen a lot of my favourite gaming commentary / news youtubers saying they are looking forward to it.

I just don't understand why? It's probably because you guys have never played Both previous games, Or haven't heard anything about the news.

The news are, that Mafia is now being developed by completely different people. Therefore, the story will obviously suck. Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 both had amazing stories, In my opinion. They belong to my list of Most Favourite Games ever. And I'm a Story person, i love story games. And by that I don't only mean those type of games like ''Walking Dead'' (I actually dislike that one.) but simply just Shooters or any type of game, that has an Amazing story in it. And both Mafia 1 and Mafia 2 have a big place in my heart.

And about these new developers, Well, It's been long since people at 2k (or whatever it was) wanted to turn Mafia into a Call of Duty-like game. In other words, A new game every year with 1 new feature, Which would probably soon be extremely boring because it would be in the Space. Fortunately that hasn't happened, And I was actually happy that Mafia has always stayed as a Classic on how games should be like. I loved all about the first two games.

And now, the inevitable happened. Some fat bussiness man up there decided he wants to catch some green-goodies from a Famous Title. Much like movie re-makes these days. There's a Reason why they are re-makes and not new episodes. And now that previously mentioned thing is going on. Expect around 5 new Mafia games in the following 2 Years.

They are making it Very, but veeeeryyy Obvious that they do not care in any way about what Mafia is, By making the character Black and not even a Mafian anymore. And stick all your ''racist'' and ''he's a mafian too'' comments where the sun doesn't shine. Because mafia was Always a Very serious title, that showed the real life of a Criminal, and not a ''fun'' title where you play as a gangster who steals a secret weapon from Area 69 (gta san andreas. of course i loved that game, but i loved it because it was San Andreas. if that would be released under the name ''Mafia'' everyone would think 2K has went Nuts.) It always had an emotional and serious story, And yet, it was still so fun and interesting to play. Maybe not a thing for all the little kids out there who just wanna hear Pew Pew ! and see cars Explode... But it was a Legendary Title (In mine, and many others opinion).

It is obvious that those who like the new title, Are people who just literally want to ''game'' , and play anything without really caring nor involving themselves into the Story. I personally always live myself completely into story, whether it's a movie or a game, i cry when there's a really emotional moment, and i just feel everything. Of course i like to play different games too, But it's always those DEEP games that find their place on my ''top favourites'' list. And all that is now being taken away from Mafia. Story will be a Disaster, that's no questions asked.

And as far as the game play goes, I really wonder why oh why, Do the graphics look WORSE and the world more CLOSED and DEAD than in Mafia 2? When it's suposto be Mafia 3? I don't really care whether in the world there are people doing something or just walking npcs like in Mafia 2, It's a game, no need for everyone to be alive, But there's just something about Mafia 3 that makes me feel SOOO Claustrophobic. Like if i'm closed in a tiny little box, with only a small hole in the wall through which the light goes.. hmm why could that be... Oh, it's because that game looks So PS2 and So Blurry and SOO Dark. And that's not a compliment to it's story. That's literally me talking about how i can't see a thing in the gameplay.

And those bastards at 2K have even taken the rudeness to come and put VITO (Main Character from Mafia 2) in it!!! You know why that is, Right? Cash-grab. Everyone will be like ''ohhh my goddd this completely doesn't make sense and makes the previous story look like a joke but oh my god there's vito! i have to buy it!'' and then saying ''we will reveal what happened to Joe Barbaro.'' a character that has (Spoiler Alert)

Died. i repeat. DIED!!!! in Mafia 2. And they try to change that story to once again get people to buy it. The beautiful thing about mafia was the mystery it left at the end, Left people questioning whether joe lived or not, but it's obvious he Didn't. And 2K will one hundred percent make it be so that he lives and banged some hoes somewhere or was some kind of a Hero elsewhere or i don't know. Simply the story has no spine. It makes no sense. Joe is suposto be dead, vito isn't suposto be in Lousiana alongside some black gangster who fights against mafia (just saying this makes me be like da fuq?)

So what do we have? Terrible Story, Terrible Graphics, Maybe a good gameplay (if in 2K's mind, Watch Dogs is their Competitor.), Completely ruined Both previous games (As Vito and Joe were in Mafia 1 and Mafia 2) by putting main characters in the new games and just bucking everything up.

I rate 0 outta 10.

And to all the new mafias coming in 2018 2019 2020+++ , go f yourself.


Sooo... This has been my Full opinion on the up-coming mafia game that everyone seems to be ''excited about.'' You can only be excited about it if you're ignorant of the previous 2 games, If you think new mafia game can't suck this bad, and if you only play games to ''game.'' This game should have been done under a Different Title. If that would have been the case, I wouldn't even cared about it. And the thing is, No one would. But they wanted money, And attention to their ''game'' so they just HAD to cash-grab on this. That's un-forgivable.

But of course it's gonna be succesful.

Didn't had any other place to write down my frustration. I wonder if anyone has any ''counter-arguements'' to my points. Try and make me change my mind. I'm interested why you think Mafia 3 is going to be a good game. And remember. It's name is Mafia 3. So you cannot be arguing that it's Only going to be a Good game. Try to make me believe why it's gonna be a Good *Mafia Game*

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