Microsoft's Mysterious big E3 Announcement

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Microsoft's Mysterious big E3 Announcement Empty Microsoft's Mysterious big E3 Announcement

Post by PonyFangirl on Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:34 pm

Hey xbots and ponies.

So for a long time before E3 it's been whispering that Microsoft is bringing an Update that is ''bigger than backwards compatibility.''

I do agree, Clubs, Arena, Look for a Group, it would all come handy to people who play Multiplayer. (I was never a fan of a Paid multiplayer Anywhere. That's why all the multiplayer games i play are Free to Play.)

Xbox Scorpio was also a big annoucnement.

And there were some ''games'' there too... But I don't think the ''big'' anounncement was a New Console / Hardware or Games.

So I wanna ask, What do you guys think? I personally didn't see anything impressive enough to be Better than Backwards Compatibility, And that has left me feeling for some time, that it might actually was Scorpio  Indeed, the Big Announcement. But I expected Microsoft to bring some Feature that is gonna make Xbots go ''oohhh oh oohhh my godddd!!!'' , And once again, I say, I don't think the features they've showed weren't good for Multiplayer people, I'm just saying, the way they've worded it ''Something that is bigger than Backwards Compatibility''. You wouldn't use such words if you weren't already thinking that Backwards Compatibility is something Huge. Therefore the person who said it (I have no idea who it was...) must have thought this thing is gonna be even MORE Huge.

And that leaves us with an Impressive Un-Beatable feature... So I guess it isn't a Console.

But anything is possible! Maybe the person who has said it, Put his own personal feelings into the statement, And for example maybe he really felt in love with the Clubs feature! But logic says no.  And since backwards compatibility is Loved by the Xbox community, It means the one who has said it, Also had this in his head, And knew Community would love that. So it was suposto be a VERY big thing , that EVERYONE would Love.

And I'm trying to think WHAT it was? To me, It seems, if it was hardware, it was Scorpio. Or is some of those 3 or 4 new features to Xbox's OS really That jaw-dropping?

Because if it wasn't the console, or any of those 4 features, Then obviously what they've meant was the ''Play Anywhere.'' Do you think this might be the one? I don't really see it as 100 Percent better. Because many Xbox people have actually Disliked that. It wasn't loved by the community like Backwards Compatibility was. They're all thinking that there isn't much of a reason to own an Xbox anymore. And this is once again, Microsoft triyng to get people to use their new bad OS, Windows ''Blue Screens Heaven'' 10, which got forced on most people. I wonder when Blue Screens are gonna come to Xbox!

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